Timothy Musson

Samira, I've tried to find you. Get in touch :)

I was born in Blenheim, New Zealand, in March 1970. Now I live in Christchurch, an earthquake-prone ruin about half way down the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. Until recently I studied Russian at the University of Canterbury. (Мне было бы очень приятно переписываться с кем-нибудь. Конечно, я готов помогать с английским! Я не пользуюсь Skype, но можем попробовать Google Hangouts или электронную почту. Пишите, пожалуйста! )

I've started putting together a list of facts and figures explaining why it's so important to support groups like Extinction Rebellion.

Favourite things:
Sticks, twigs, hedgehogs, snails, dirt, tramping/hiking, Isaac Asimov's stories and novels, Philip K. Dick's as well, GNU, bike riding[1], coffee, Wikipedia, my camera, and — although it only happens occasionally these days — drawing. (I'd include potatoes, but the local supermarket hasn't sold a decent one in 15 years and I'm becoming bitter.)

I have a dead cat called Moe, a live dead cat called Ma, a dog called Taffy, two budgies one budgie no budgies, four three two one no frogs, five four three two one no fish, one snail no snails, several thousand composting worms, my computer runs Debian GNU/Linux (why?), this website is cobbled together using awk, and I hope to say something interesting before my 75th birthday.

Anything else you've heard is a lie.

[1] Actually, my last two bikes have been stolen, so I've decided to stop bothering.


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