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  • iGNUit - a flashcard-based memorization aid for GNOME
  • gxmessage - a GTK-based xmessage clone
  • bmk - store and recall filenames using short aliases
  • sgrotum - generate a new email or newsgroup signature
  • markv - takes ASCII text and returns nonsense
  • gnect - the GNOME Project's Four-in-a-row game
  • skoosh - a simple, friendly, sliding tile puzzle for GNOME2
  • Other stuff


Version 2.24.3 / 2017-11-17 / GPL v3

Screenshot: Ignuit Quiz dialog Screenshot: iGNUit preference dialog, Appearance tab Screenshot: iGNUit preference dialog, Schedules tab Screenshot: iGNUit preference dialog, Other Options tab Screenshot: iGNUit File Properties dialog Screenshot: iGNUit Find dialog Screenshot: iGNUit Quiz menu

iGNUit is a memorization aid based on the Leitner flashcard system. It has a GNOME look and feel, a good selection of quiz options, and supports UTF-8. Cards can include embedded audio, images, and mathematical formulae (via LaTeX). It can import and export several file formats, including CSV. iGNUit can be used for both long-term learning and cramming. I'd really appreciate any feedback about the program and any problems you have with it.

Tutorials can be found on YouTube or downloaded here: The Main Window (6 Mb), Creating Flashcards (6 Mb), and Quizzes (9 Mb).

Here's the ChangeLog.

Compilation requirements: (Debian/Ubuntu package names in brackets)

libgnomeui >= 2.24.5  (libgnomeui-dev)
libglade >= 2.6.4     (libglade2-dev)
gconf-2.0 >= 3.2.6    (libgconf2-dev)
libxslt >= 1.1.28     (libxslt1-dev)
gstreamer >= 1.8.2    (libgstreamer1.0-dev)
intltool >= 0.50.0

For LaTeX support (optional), you'll also need latex (e.g. texlive) and dvipng.


Other resources:

Some ready-made flashcard files:


Version 3.4.3 for GTK3 / 2015-05-25 / GPL v3
Version 2.20.4 for GTK2 / 2015-05-25 / GPL v3

Screenshot: gxmessage

Gxmessage is an xmessage clone for GTK based desktops. Gxmessage pops up a dialog window, displays a given message or question, then waits for the user's response. That response is returned as the program's exit code. Because gxmessage is a drop-in alternative to xmessage, gxmessage accepts any option xmessage would, and returns the same exit codes.


Other resources:


With Ubuntu 11.10 (and perhaps elsewhere), running gxmessage might result in the following warning message being sent to stderr: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap". This is not a bug in gxmessage, and can be solved by installing the gtk2-engines-pixbuf package. See launchpad #762167 for details.

If the GTK3 version of gxmessage prints WARNING **: Couldn't register with accessibility bus: Did not receive a reply to stderr, it can be worked around with export NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 (see here and here).

In the past, Debian based distributions included gxmessage under the name gmessage.


Version 1.3 / 2018-10-10 / GPL v3

The "bmk" program stores and recalls filenames using shorter aliases. The package includes example bash scripts showing how to make it do super nifty things. I've ended up using this program a lot - hopefully you'll like it too!


  $ pwd
  $ bmk --add foo:/usr/local/bin
  $ cdb foo
  $ pwd



Version 2.0.0 / 2004-07-27 / GPL v2

This program generates email signatures according to instructions contained in template files. It can insert randomly selected quotations, rotate a set of plain signature files, … pretty much anything you like. It hasn't been updated in years, so YMMV.

Here's the ChangeLog, and excessive evidence.


  • GLib



Version 1.1.0 / 2005-02-03 / GPL v2

This incredibly useful program converts perfectly good text files into utter nonsense. (Why? Because it's good for you.) It uses an algorithm from Jon Bentley's book, Programming Pearls, to recreate the behaviour of Mark V. Shaney, a famous program by Bruce Ellis and Don P. Mitchell.




Screenshot: gnect

Four in a row for GNOME, with a computer player driven by Giuliano Bertoletti's Velena Engine. For the past few years gnect has been maintained by the GNOME games team, as part of the gnome-games package.


Version 2.5.0 / 2004-03-19 / GPL v2

Screenshot: skoosh

A simple, friendly, sliding tile puzzle for GNOME2.

Huge thanks to Gregory Griffin for permission to include his beautiful Summer Breeze artwork.

Here's the ChangeLog.


(This program is very out-of-date, sorry. YMMV.)

Other Stuff

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